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Mistakes when choosing high heels

Choose good high heels :

1. Not Available Dimensions
Choose right size high heels. When buying shoes, look at the distance between the shoe, heel and arch area. Choose shoes that fit the size of your feet, do not oversize especially tight. If you choose a shoe with a large size, it can cause a shift in the foot inside the shoe while walking, and of course can cause pain and discomfort.

Changes in the size of the foot can often be attributed to hormonal changes and natural changes in the soft tissue that occurs with aging. Before buying shoes, make sure to measure your feet first. Be aware that shoe sizes in a single shoe store and other stores are not always the same, try some numbers and make sure you are comfortable on the feet.

2. Exorbitant
One of the most common problems with high heels is a pain in the ankle, so choose pair high heels. Extreem high is too high or the size of a stronger emphasis on the circumference of the foot, ankle, and knee.

Even though your legs will look very level when using it, but there are 3 of the better features that you can consider before buying high heels. 1) Choose heels that have a thick cushion, 2) Choose the right shoes thicker because it can provide a better balance, as the model wedges, 3) The heel is positioned more towards the back of the shoe, which is more stable than the heel is positioned more toward fitness shoes.

3. Shoes Too Small
Do not believe the phrase “later also quite” small ankle and shoes that can not cover the entire foot to allow the movement centered on the heel. Your legs will get tired, and as well as allowing you risk spraining the ankle.

4. Forcing Fingers Foot Log
Forcing your toes into pointy shoes is a very bad thing. Look beautiful not mean to torture yourself. Driven toe in the narrow space is a big problem, because it can make the legs work harder to maintain stability. It can affect the shape contours the foot, blisters, and maybe a sprain.


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